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with airfares to Thailand dropping below $100. it was time for a short break. Spent 2 days of bang saray templea week trip at Bang Saray to get a better feel for the place and to see the condo construction site.




While there had some great seafood and enjoyed the relaxing enviroment. Even visited one of the local temples for photos.temple

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Jushould I Cruise?st finished a kindle book. "Should I Cruise?",It basically started out as a training manual for my staff. Am working on the layout for the print version


Should I Cruise?

Asking that question to a cruise addict is about as dangerous as asking a Jewish grandmother how her grandchildren are. You will launch each into a topic that they can talk about for hours and hours. They will also give you a viewpoint based on their own experience. The thought of taking a cruise keeps popping into your mind. Most people just keep thinking of it and never get around to taking the first cruise. Selecting your first cruise can be a major effort. There are so many options and so many things to consider that you can become overwhelmed and just give up. Just stop for a moment and think back to your friends, remember how enthusiastic they talked about there last cruise even months afterward? Are you like that about your last vacation? That should get you refocused. When you listen to your friends who have cruised you should keep in mind that a cruise vacation is a personal experience, and what is right ship and destination for them may not be so for you. we will look aat some of the answers you will need to go on your first cruise. This book, some on line resources and a good travel agent will help you keep things clear as well as move you closer to that “once in a life time” cruise vacation. .

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Over the last year, I have been thinking of my next “retirement”. I still enjoy living in Subic Bay area of the Philippines but have been considering a lifestyle that included splitting the time between the Philippines and Thailand. I have been visiting Thailand a few times each year and enjoy the friendly laid back lifestyle there also. The biggest draw back for me is that few Thais speak English unlike the Philippines. As many know languages including English has always been a weak spot for me.Bang Saray Beach


Last year I looked at a condo project in Pattaya and liked it, In December I visited it again and a few others for comparison. One project I looked at is in Bang Saray. Bang Saray is about ten minutes from the city limits of Pattaya but is a very rural area, lightly developed. While looking at some information about condos in the area while on line I came across another project the Bang Saray Beach condominium. After a exchange of emails , I made a fast reservation and a few days later flew to Thailand to look at the project. Long story short I place a down payment on two 25 square meter units (about 300 square feet each) which will be redesigned into a one bedroom unit. It will take about two years to finish but when it is it should be a great place to take a vacation form paradise. The Photo was taken in December. If you look in the background you can see the skyline of Pattaya.


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Just want to wish everyone a happy new years.


One of my new year resolutions is to exploretemple
more and to take more photos. Did get a early jump on that with a trip to thailand in December. Went to Chiang Mai  for a few days of that trip.


The old part of the city is very interesting, with dozens of temples hundreds of years old.


I also plan on more trips in the Philippines. This past weekend we visited Mount Samat. the site of the last battle in the Battle of Bataan during WWII. currently there is a National Shrine there, the Shrine of Valor.


Mount samat


new photo albums  and at Photobucket

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Reinvent Your Retirement

Renew Yourself in Subic Bay, Philippines

Authored by Charles W Davis Jr.

What is your dream of retirement? Sitting on a tropical beach sipping a drink as the sunsets? Sitting on your back porch looking at the distance mountains? Everyone has a different view of retirement. People are living longer and it is possible that you will have as many years in retirement as you did working years. Those years are more likely to be active. Some people look at retirement in the old tradition, work till your 65, move to Florida, play golf or bridge, sit watching television till you and your friends are all dead. More and more people are throwing away those old fashion notions and "retirement" becomes "reinventing" their lives . In the last couple of decades, pre-retirees are looking outside of their own country to retire. The more adventurous nature of the current baby boomer is having them look for something different. They want a comfortable live style but are flexible to what that means. Make a list of what you enjoy and what you want in life. Then explore how to get there. You may find that getting to what is important in your future is not as far off as you thought. Once you have your plan then put it in motion. The Philippines is one country that is becoming increasingly popular. Having been a Spanish colony for centuries there is a Spanish flavor to the country, and having been an American territory for decades it also has a large American influence. English is widely spoken and is in fact one of the country's official languages. The people are genuinely friendly. The cities and urban areas are well developed. The country is seeing an increase in international tourism. Many of the items that attract tourist to an area is equally attractive to retirees. The Subic Bay area is very well suited for retirees. Having been the home of a US Navy base it is used to Americans and has a large number of retirees. This book explores Subic Bay as a place to live and enjoy your reinvented retirement. Ideal for singles and families.


reinvest your Retirement




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